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Buddhist logic

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in Two Volumes
pp. XII-1030, New York
codice isbn: 978048620955
Western interest in Buddhism has grown enormously in recent years, but because of the scarcity of later Buddhist writings most of the work in the field has dealt with the earlier developments in Buddhism. Also, the available books and articles on Buddhism deal almost exclusively with its religious aspects, and pass over the extensive system of logic that forms an important part of its philosophy as a whole.

This book is a coverage of the Mahayana Buddhistic logic of the school of Dignaga (and his followers, expositors, and continuers-especially Dharmakirtil. It is in fact the most important work on Buddhist logic ever published. A classic of orientai re: search, it is founded on a thorough study of originai Indian and Tibetan compositions by the great Buddhist logicians. The author was one of the leaders of the Sto Petersburg school that did monumental work in the field of Indology during the first Quarter of this century.

The first volume ìs devoted to a history of Indian logic with Centrai Asiatic continuations, and then to a detailed exposition of the Dignaga system in terms of theory of knowledge, the sensible world (including causation, sense perception, and ultimate reality); the mentally constructed world (judgment, inference, the syllogism, logical fallaciesl; negation (law of contradiction, universals, dialectic), and the reality of the external world. The second volume is devoted primarily to a transiation of Dharmakirti's Nyayabindu, with Dharmottara's commentary. Appendices contain translations from Tibetan logical treatises, Hindu attacks on Buddhist logic, etc.

The author has provided an extremely clear exposition of an important philosophical system that is not well known to the West. The work is ali the more valuable since it is done with an awareness of the history of Western logic and philosophy, well up through Russell and the moderns. Historians of Asian culture, Sanskrit philologists and generai philosophers cannot afford to be without it. The generai reader with perhaps a basic course in Eastern philosophy will find it highly rewarding.
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