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Guru - The Spiritual Master in Eastern and Western Traditions: Authority and Charisma

Indoasiatica 2 / 2004

€ 22,00

editor and preface Antonio Rigopoulos.
pp. 580, Venezia
data stampa: 2004
codice isbn: 978887543083

This volume comprises most of the papers which were presented at the National Conference “Guru. The Spiritual Master in East-ern and Western Traditions: Authority and Charisma”, held in Ve-nice, 18-20 April 2002, organized by the Venetian Academy of In-dian Studies (VAIS) in collaboration with the Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari, and the Cul-tural Center Palazzo Cavagnis. These twenty-seven essays are grouped according to the different cultural and religious traditions involved, moving from West to East and circularly coming back to the West. In a crossing of boundaries which sharpens the compara-tive exchange, we move through the following civilizations and worldviews: Ancient Greece, Judaism, Christianity, Islām, Hindu-ism, Indian Shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism, Na-tive Americans. Two final articles on the guru as mediator of healing and on the figure and role of the master between East and West bring the volume to a close.


Michele Botta: Socrates and the Maieutic Enterprise
Chiara Cremonesi: Apollonius of Tyana or the Spectacle of Wisdom
Piero Capelli: Kinds of Doctrinal Transmission in Late Ancient Judaism
Franco Macchi: The Master-Disciple Relationship in Christianity: Some Introductory Observations
Pier Cesare Bori: The Interior Master in the Understanding of the First Friends
Angelo Scarabel: Master and Disciple in the Islamic Sufi Tradition in the Writings of ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani
Thomas Dahnhardt: Encounters with al-Khidr: Saint-Immortal, Protector from the Waters and Guide of the Elected Ones beyond the Confluence of the Two Oceans
Gian Giuseppe Filippi: The guru and Death
Giovanni Torcinovich: The Custodians of Truth
Cinzia Pieruccini: Authority, Devotion and Trials: Teachers and Pupils in the Mahabharata
Antonio Rigopoulos: The Guru-gita or “Song of the Master” as Incorporated in the Guru-carita of Sarasvati Gangadhar: Observations on Its Teachings and the guru Institute
Monia Marchetto: The Function of the guru in Tantric Traditions
Corrado Puchetti: The Twenty-four guru-s of Dattatreya avadhuta
Fabrizio Ferrari: The Jewel of the Secret Path or the Neglected guru? Some Remarks on the guruvada among the Bauls of Bengal
Claudia Ramasso: The Master Architect in the Corporations of India
Gianni Pellegrini: The figure of pandita as guru
Stefano Beggiora: The Subtle Teacher. Typologies of Shamanic Initiation: Trance and Dream among the Lanjia Saoras of Orissa
Francesco Sferra: Teaching and Spiritual Counselling in Indian Buddhist Traditions. Some Considerations on the Role of the kalyanamitra
Claudio Cicuzza: The Spiritual Teacher in Theravada Buddhism: Inner Motivations and Foundations of Mindfullness
Fabian Sanders: Tulku, the guru by Birth
Aldo Tollini: Dogen zenji, a Buddhist Master in 13th Century Japan
Maurizio Scarpari: Zi yue, “The Master said…”, or Didn’t He?
Attilio Andreini: The Paradoxical Virtue (de) of the Sage in the Laozi
Massimo Makarovic: The Master in Dan Taoism
Francesco Spagna: A Wordless Teaching: Native American Spiritual Masters
Luca Caldironi: The guru as Mediator of Healing
Giangiorgio Pasqualotto: Figure and Role of the Master between East and West

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