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Philosophy, Literature and Fine Arts

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preface, introduction of the author.
pp. viii-120, Jeddah
data stampa: 1982
codice isbn: 6157

There is perhaps no field of education which has offered such a challenge to those concerned today with the Islamization of education as the humanities. The present collection of essays deals with some of the most central subjects in this field, including philosophy, literature and the arts. The authors are not only authorities in the subjects which they treat but they have also had a great deal of practical experience in the implementation of the ideas with which they are concerned. They discuss some of the most delicate and difficult questions confronting contemporary educational institutions throughout the Islamic world faced with the problems of teaching philosophical and cultural subjects from the Islamic point of view. Each essay seeks to bring out the problems involved and to suggest possible means by which the rich Islamic tradition can be brought to bear upon the process of creating an educational system which would eater to the needs of a contemporary educational system at the same time genuinely Islamic in content and form.



Chapter One The Teaching of Philosophy-Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Chapter Two Islamic Principles and Methods in the Teaching of Literature-Syed Ali Ashraf
Chapter Three The Ròle of Fine Arts in Muslim Education - Ibrahim Titus Burckhardt
Chapter Four Education in the Traditional Arts and Crafts and the Cultural Heritage of Islam -JeanLouis Michon (Ali Abd al-Khaliq)
Chapter Five On Art and Education-Kazi A. Kadir
Chapter Six Translation: Problems and Methods - Peter Hobson (Isma'ù 'Abdul-Baqz)
Chapter Seven The Teaching of Arabic in the Non-Arabic Speaking Muslim World -Dr. S. M. rusuf
Chapter Eight The Teaching of Languages in Muslim Universities -Dr. M. M. Ghaly

Recommendations of the Committee on Philosophy, Literature and the Arts

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