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Arabic Verbs

For revision and practice

Bennett & Bloom
€ 21,60

pp. 276, London (England)
data stampa: 2007
codice isbn: 978189894896

This blend of workbook and reference work aims to help you form and use the verb in Modern Standard Arabic correctly at a glance. Part 1 explains the verb structure and working. Part 2 is a set of 155 numbered tables showing all common verb patterns, arranged first by class or sub-class and then by the ten main forms. Part 3 is a list of common verbs, entered alphabetically by the 3rd person masculine singular (huwa) active form of the past tens.

The 155 verbs appearing in full in Part 2 are listed plus 1,094 further verbs, with a table number that allows the reader to where to locate the identical pattern in Part 2. Other helpful features include comprehensive indexes and an easy-to-read Roman transcription that reflects pronunciation rather than spelling. This is the perfect companion to the Basic and Intermediate Arabic Workbooks by the same author, expert step-by-step series of exercises and tasks for all learners of Arabic.

The author John Mace is one of the foremost writers today of teaching materials for Middle Eastern languages. He has worked in the Diplomatic Service, as a British Council lecturer, as a personnel officer in the Middle East and as a European Commission delegate. He is also the author of several other Arabic language learning titles from Bennett & Bloom, as shown elsewhere on this website.




Part I - Form and use of the verb

1 General

2 Equations

3 Triliteral root; principal parts

4 Class of verb

5 Subject; person, gender, number, agreement

6 Pronunciation

7 Past tense

8 Present tense

9 Future particle

10 Continuous past tense

11 Pluperfect tense

12 Governrnent; direct and prepositional object

13 Predicated verbs

14 Verbs used with the present tense

15 Increased forms

16 Using a dictionary

17 Participle

18 Verbal noun

19 Quadriliteral root

20 Verbal sentence; nominal sentence

21 Subjunctive

22 Jussive

23 Imperative

24 Indirect speech; statement, question, command

25 Condition and concession

26 Passive voice

27 Further expressions with the verbal noun

Part II - Verb tables

Sound verbs, tables 1 to 23

Hamzated verbs:

Initial hamza, tables 24 to 36 - Middle hamza, tables 37 to 46 - Final hamza, tables 47 to 57

Doubled verbs, tables 58 to 72

Weak verbs:

Assimilated verbs, tables 73 to 89 - Hollow verbs, tables 90 to 116 - Final-weak verbs, tables 117 to 129 - Doubly weak verbs, tables 130 to 155

Part III - Verb list

Index to Part I

Index to Part II

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