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Proceedings of the First European Conference of Iranian Studies

Part II, Middle and New Iranian Studies

Is. M.E.O.
€ 60,00

edited by Gherardo Gnoli and Antonio Panaino, foreword by the editors.
pp. 334-604, nn. tavv. b/n, Roma
data stampa: 1991
codice isbn: 978886323076

Held in Turin, September 7th-11th, 1987 by the Societas Iranologica Europaea.


Contents, VII
Karin Adahl, An Early Islamic Incense Burner of Bronze in a Swedish Collection, p. 333
J.C. Burgel, Humay and Humayun.  A Medieval Persian Romance, p. 347
Monika Dahncke, Zoomorphic Evidence for the Exclusion of an Egyptian Origin of an Early Islamic Handle from Iran, p. 359
Bert G. Fragner, Der politische Begriff “Iran” in der Neuzeit und seine historischen Wurzeln, p. 365
Eugenio Galdieri, Esfahan e la  Domus Spectaculi Automatorum, p. 377
Michael Glunz, Das Aussergewohnliche als Bestandteil der Biographie: Anmerkungen zu Sarif-e Razis Gangine-e Danesmandan, p. 389
†Basil Gray, Kitabkhana: Library or Workshop? Transition in the 14th/15th Centuries, p. 403
Birgitt Hoffmann, Von falschen Asketen und “unfrommen” Stiftungen, p. 409
D.N. MacKenzie, When Is a Postposition not a Postposition?, p. 487
Amnon Netzer, The Story of Adam in the Bereshit-namah of Shahin, p. 497
Angelo Michele Piemontese, La Persia a Torino, p. 511
Bernd Radtke, Iranian and Gnostic Elements in Early tasawwuf Observations Concerning the Umm al-Kitab, p. 519
Wojciech Skalmowski, Modes of Address in the maxlas of the Ghazals of Sa‘di and Hafez, p. 531
Sorour S. Soroudi, Folk Poetry and Society in Nineteenth-Century Iran, p. 541
Bo Utas, Towards a Computerized Method for the Construction of Stemmas of Persian Manuscripts, p. 553
Ziva Vesel, Le Jame‘ al-’Olum de Fakhr al-Din Razi et l’état de la connaissance scientifique dans l’Iran médiéval, p. 571
Mario Vitalone, Note su due revayat persiane inedite, p. 579
Dieter Weber, An Ossetic Query (Osset. bagany/bagani “beer”),  p. 585
Diary of the Conference, p. 593
Contents of the Two Parts, p. 601

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