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Native American Art

in the Denver Art Museum

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€ 55,00

foreword by Thomas N. Maytham, preface by the author.
pp. 352, richly and fully illustrated in color and b/n, Seattle
data stampa: 1979
codice isbn: 8736

All the mystery and kaleidoscopic beauty of Native American art is captured in this unusual book. Its rich treasury of masterworks illustrates why the indigenous crafts ofNorth America have recently begun to gain acclaim as more than social artifacts. Selected from the first, and for many years the only, collection of native art based on both esthetic and historical criteria, this "bookshelf showcase" from the Denver Art Museum illuminates the enormous contributions native America has made to the world of art.
Five hundred plates, 100 in full color, trace the flowering of many cultures-their kinships and rivalries, traditions and innovations, extravagances and austerities. The tremendous diversity of Native American society is reflected here, as well as a surprising similarity of adaptations to a vast and varied environment. Springing from the deep spirituality pervading every aspect of native life is a shared sensitivity to form, material, and function.
Richard Conn explores the design concepts, techniques, and cultural imperatives that inspired this complex array of styles and forms-an abundant legacy of living arts to be appreciated as much for their beauty as for the meaning they hold.

Richard Conn's interest in the culture ofNative America was kindled by his father, whose early life in the Puget Sound region gave him a command of Chinook jargon, the lingua franca of Pacific Northwest Indians. Conn himself grew up in western Montana and Seattle and earned an M.A. in anthropology from the University of Washington. His experience as an assistant in the Washington State Museum while still a student led him to a career in museology. Before coming to the Denver Art Museum as curator of native arts, he was chief of human history at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg and director of the Eastern Washington State Historical Society in Spokane. His publications have centered on his particular interests within the field of Native American art-the traditional clothing of the entire continent, the arts of the Plains, Plateau, and Southwest, and the history of glass trade beads in North America. In his leisure time, he enjoys travel in the Colorado Rockies and plays several instruments in a Renaissance music ensemble.

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