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Dagbani Basic and Cultural Vocabulary

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With the assistence of Mahmoud Adam
pp. 148, Napoli
data stampa: 2006
codice isbn: 978889504407


Dagbani (Dagbanli, Dagbamba, Dagomba, Dagbane) belongs to the Western-Oti-Volta branch of the Gur languages, which is a part of the larger Niger-Congo language family (Olawsky 1996: 3). It is spoken in the Eastern part of the Northern Region of Ghana by approximately 300,000 people (746,924 according to the 2000 Ghana Population Census) and in north-western Togo by more or less 150.000 people. Tamale and Yendi are the main towns in Ghana, where the largest communities are found.

There are no special names far dialects. But the main dialects, centred on Tamale in the West, and Yendi in the East, are generally accepted. The differences affect mainly details of pronunciation and vocabulary, the structure of language remains uniform throughout the area. Number of speakers are probably about equal for the two.
Historically the dialect of Yendi, the capital, was the standard, but nowadays the dialect of Tamale as the administrative and publishing centre is the standard...




1. Introduction

2. Bibliography

Cultural vocabulary/Vocabulaire culturel

aOOO Human/Personne humaine

bOOO Bodyparts/Parties du corps

cOOO Nouns and adjectives/Noms et adjectifs

dOOO Locatif/Localisation

eOOO Pronouns/Pronoms

fOOO Verbs/Verbes

Basic vocabulary/Vocabulaire fondamental

A000 Wild animals/Animaux sauvages

A200 Domestic animals/Animaux domestiques

A500 Bee-keeping/Apiculture

B000 Fishing, hunt, weapons/Peche, chasse, armes

B200 Horse and equipment/Cheval et hamachement

C000 Plants/Plantes

C200 Trees/Arbres

D000 Agriculture/Agriculture

E000 Compound/Concession

F000 Kitchen/Cuisine

F200 Food/Nourriture

F500 Brewery/Brasserie

G000 Clothes, jewellery/Vetements, bijoux

H000 Weaving, dyeing/Tissage, teinture

1000 Planting, basketry/Tressage, vannerie

J000 Leather work, leather goods/Travail du cuir

K000 Metal-working/Métallurgie

L000 Pottery/Poterie

M000 Wood-working/Travaux du bois

N000 Market/Marché

O000 Human beings and kinship terms/Êtres humains et parenté

P000 Government and law/Gouvernement et droit

Q000  Music, dance, play/Musique, danse, jeu

R000 Religion/Religion

R500 Disease/Maladie

S000 Time and season/Temps et saisons

S200 Environment/Environs

Z000 Numbers/Nombres

Index of Dagbani Terms

English Index

Prench lndex

Arabic lndex

Index of Hausa Terms

Index of Scientific Names

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