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Secret Symbolism in Occult Art

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Harmony Books
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pp. 160, ill. a colori e b/n, San Francisco
data stampa: 1987
codice isbn: 7336

Occult arts and sciences (alchemy, astrology, numerology, the tarot, spirit forces, witchcraft, magic and others) were practiced openly in ancient society. Occult wisdom was a part of everyday existence until the Middle Ages when Christianity renounced it as anti-Christ. Erudite scientists and enlightened practitioners were forced into hiding and their teachings were perpetuated by loyal artists and visionaires.

The accoutrements of the spiritual sciences, the unusual mythological symbolism - a mystery unto itself - conceal the seminal principles. But it must be remembered that these circuitous images were not part of the original doctrine. Hiding the secret teachings behind painted veils became the best way to prevent a repetition of the disaster that befell the Knights Templar, who were falsely accused of hideous crimes, tortured and murdered by those who opposed their beliefs.

In Secret Symbolism in Occult Art, Fred Gettings leads a tour of occult art and its symbolism from prehistoric times, through the turbulence of the Inquisition and up to the present, where it has once again become a part of everyday life. Many of our words, letters and sounds are occult in origin and contain hidden energies in their symbolism.

The Egyptian ankh, which protects its wearer from harm, the six-rayed star known as the seal of Solomon and the evil eye are well known and part of many occult teachings-perhaps part of the collective unconscious as well. Other more esoteric symbols such as the bellringer and the salamander in the flame will be recognized by initiates. These symbols preserve the records of numerous enlightened persons, living in different times and places.

In Secret Symbolism in Occult Art, artists including Piero della Vecchia, Albrecht Dürer, William Blake and Arthur Rackham, clairvoyant C. W Leadbeater, Rosicrucian Jacob Boehme and many others convey the secrets of the hidden realm. Fred Gettings in turn studies their fascinating symbols, putting each work of art in its historic and spiritual context for a full appreciation ofits meaning.


Introduction: The Occult Veil

The star wisdom of the occultists

The astral world: the invisible sea

The world of man

Earth magic and earth spirits

Black magic: the use of unseen powers

Amulets and charms: the invisible power of the evil eye

Demons: the unseen workers of evil

Alchemy: the secrets of inner rebirth

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