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The Righteous Realization and Understanding of the "Blue Backs"

Real mongolian with Blue Back

La Gaia Scienza
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pp. 90, Bari
data stampa: 2010
codice isbn: 978888878842

Real Mongolian with Blue Back.

Know your heart, know your essence. According to Shamanism, Tenggri is the supreme power of the universe ruling all natural and social phenomena. All of the views of genuine Mongolians are related to the heaven, especially the Eternal Blue 5ky.

It is reflected in the legends that ancient Mongolians that are our ancestors used to think or assume that the man is originated from the star of the sky. To more clearly say; they assumed the man is originated from the star Khukhdei Mergen (Sirius), which is approved that is destroyed hundreds of million years ago. The content of this book explained the things about the forgotten ancient Mongolian inheritances and cultures, pollution of the intellect and mind of Mongolians, human development, and the world's development that are heard whenever and somehow known by every Mongolian.


Introduction by Aldo Colleoni

Tenggrism and Globalism


1 Development of the earth, origin and development of the mankind and the secret of the earth's existence

1.1 Brief statement on the origin and development of humankind

1.2 The essence and "Me"

1.3 About the essence and "Me"

1.4 Meaning of being male and female

1.5 Development of humans

1.6 Brief statement on the thinking, language and culture

1.7 War and reason of the war

1.8 Why we should understand and realize "Me"

2 Origin and development of the occult universe and the religion, its structure, what is the religion?

2.1 Meaning and the function of the religion

2.2 Explanation on some of the mantra word

2.3 Origin nation and development of the religion

2.4 Speaking moreabout the Shamanism

2.5 Worshiping and not worshiping the religion

2.6 What is making the charity deeds?

2.7 Love is the law of the latent world

2.8 Understanding of the hell and paradise

2.9 Meditation

2.10 About the shaman instruments, ranks and spirit of Shaman shrine

2.11 Omoo Divine

2.12 A character of the Shaman

2.13 Connecting with divine spirit, essence of the ancestors and upper mind

3 About writing the book "Intelligence of the correct thinking of the Blue Backs"

4 A wonder ofthe mirror and looking one's "Me"

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