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Arabic Today

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A student, business and professional course in spoken and written arabic

€ 32,50

pp. XII-356, Edinburgh
data stampa: 2008
codice isbn: 978074863558

Suitable for business professionals and students wanting to communicate directly with people and institutions in the Arab world, Arabic Today is a self-contained course in contemporary Arabic.

Tuition tends to concentrate either on the written language (never used in everyday speech) or on a selected regional dialect (which is never written down). Arabic Today breaks with this tradition, capitalising on the emerging form of spoken Pan-Arabic. This supraregional form of educated speech is drawn from the most influential areas, as well as the modern written word. So whether you wish to speak the language or add writing skills as well, this course book and accompanying audio website are the ideal tools for self-tuition and classroom use.

The second edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and updated to make it relevant to a new generation of readers. Grammar is explained more clearly and precisely, the reading material has been updated and the typography is clearer. New word indexes give meanings and reference for the vocabulary and together with the grammar index they offer an invaluable additional reference function.




Part I: Spoken Arabic

Lesson 1 Greetings

Professions and countries. Gender and Number. Pronouns. 'to be'. Adjectives.

Lesson 2 At the Airport

Travel Gender of nouns. Article. Adjectives. Prepositions. Possessives. 'to have'.

Lesson 3 In the Hotel

Construct. Triliteral verb. Past tense of sound and initial- w verbs. Sound nouns. Transition vowel.

Lesson 4 In Town

Demonstratives. Object pronouns. Indirect Statement. Numbers 0-10. Negative. Adverbs.

Lesson 5 In the Office

Administration. Present tense and imperative of sound and initial- w verbs. Numbers 11-199. Interrogatives. Indirect questions. Regional variations.

Lesson 6 A Visit to Friends

Egyptian speech. House and family. Past tense of hollow verbs. Clauses of circumstance. Broken plural. Continuous past tense. Regional variations.

Lesson 7 On the Telephone

Present tense and imperative of hollow verbs. 'may/can/must/might'. Numbers above 199. Fractions and percentage. Time. Days of the week. Indirect Command. Regional variations.

Lesson 8 Teaching and Training

Doubled and final-weak verbs. Auxiliary verbs. Relative clauses. Interrogatives. 'some/same/all'. Ordinal numbers. Activities, instruments and places. Regional variations.

Lesson 9 In the Restaurant

Food and drink. Collective nouns. Verbs of Form II. Comparison of adjectives and adverbs. Indefinite pronouns.

Lesson 10 A New Project

Meetings. Participles. Verbal nouns. Future tense. Calendar.

Lesson 11 Visit to a Factory

Levantine speech. Industry and economy. Verbs of Forms III and IV. Pluperfect tense. Conditional and concessive sentences. Regional variations. Adverbs. Participial verbo

Lesson 12 At the Surgery

Body and health. Verbs of Forms V and VI. Absolute object. Special adjectives. Quadriliteral verb. Expressions of circumstance. Age. Regional variations.

Lesson 13 A Visit to the Village

Geography and climate. Verbs of Forms VII and VIII. Abstract nouns. Reflexive. Passive. Diminutives.

Lesson 14 In the Market

Shopping. Clothes. Verbs of Forms IX and X.

Lesson 15 The News

Politics and international relations. Broadcasting. Written forms. Recapitulation of verb, Forms I to X.

Part II: Written Arabic

Lesson 16 Reading and Writing. Alphabet. Artide.

Sound plural and dual endings. Doubled letters.

Lesson 17 Reading and Writing. Alphabet.

Lesson 18 Reading and Writing. Alphabet. Arabic transcription. Pointing.

Lesson 19 Insurance

Full and short pronunciation. Nouns and adjectives. Possessive suffixes. Prepositions. Pronoun suffixes.

Lesson 20 Transport and Communications

Subject pronouns. Verbs with sound final root letter. Dictionary.

Lesson 21 Personnel Management

Object pronouns. Complements. Negatives. Interrogatives. Sentence structure. Future.

Lesson 22 Petroleum

Demonstratives. Clauses of purpose. Auxiliary verbs. Comparison of adjectives and adverbs.

Lesson 23 From the Newspapers

Relative pronouns. Final-weak verbs. Dictionary.

Lesson 24 Correspondence

ruq9a script. Numbers. Time. Calendar. Anomalous nouns and adjectives.

Lesson 25 The Transfer of Technology

Auxiliaries with the present tense. Doubly weak verbs.

Lesson 26 The United Nations

Expressions with the jussive. Conditional sentences. Passive. Improper agreement. Equivalent spoken and written forms.

Key to exercises

Index of words

Arabic, Part I

English, Parts I and II

Arabic, Part II

Grammar index

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