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Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Pollution by Using Crystals

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data stampa: 2010
codice isbn: 978184409509

Crystals are wondertul aids in all areas of life, but do they really help with the effects of radiation and electromagnetic pollution? The detinitive answer is yes, they do. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of false information and misunderstanding regarding the application of healing crystals against the effects of electromagnetic pollution. This concise and well-researched guidebook explains how and under what circumstances healing Crystals are really able to provide relief.




What is Electromagnetic Pollution?

How and Where is Electromagnetic Pollution Created?

Does Electromagnetic Pollution Really Make You ill?

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Stress

How and Why Does a Stress Reaction Happen?

The Consequences of Permanent Stress and Electromagnetic Stress

How to Deal with Electromagnetic Pollution

Crystals and Electromagnetic Pollution

Physical Effects

Energetic Effects

Objective and Individual Effects

The Right Measures for Electromagnetic Pollution

The Use of Crystals for Electromagnetic Pollution

The Classic Electromagnetic Pollution Crystals

Rock Crystal. Rose Quartz. Black Tourmaline (Schorl). Smoky Quartz/Morion. Tektite

Immune System

Protection and Boundary Setting

Agate, Thunder eggs, Mica, Biotite, Lepidolite,

Fuchsite, Aventurine, Heliotrope, Serpentine, Turquoise

Strengthening Life Energy - Power and Vitality

Garnet. Ruby. Red Jasper. Hematite. Tiger Iran. Mookaite

Strengthening the Centre - Stability

Dendritic Agate. Brawn and Yellow Jasper. Fossil Wood


Ocean Jasper. Epidote. Zoisite

Harmonisation and Balance

Jade (Jadeite/Nephrite). Tourmaline. Amazonite. Aventurine

Strengthening the Autonomic Nervous System

Ametrine. Sunstone. Amber

The Metabolism and Detoxification

The Chalcedony family. Dendritic Agate. Opalite

Detoxification and Elimination

Chrysoprase. Green Garnet. Emerald

Choosing the Right Crystal

The Analytical Approach

The Intuitive Approach

The Application of Crystals

Anti-interference Devices with Crystals

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