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Awakening of the Watchers

The Secret Mission of the Rebel Angels in the Forbidden Quadrant

Bear & Company
€ 22,00
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pp. 340, tavv. in colors f.t., Rochester
data stampa: 2016
codice isbn: 978159143251

Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, the angel Georgia details the events of Earth’s ancient history from 16,500 BC to 8,000 BC


Introduction: Dealing with the Darkness
Facing the Fear, Angels and Demons, the True Nature of Thoughtforms, and the Great Awakening
1   New Territories
Rome and Incarnate Angels, Atlantean Metallurgy, Geophysics of Third-Density Planets, Donyale Luna’s Magic, and Atlantean History
2   Altered Perspectives
Surrounded by Reptiles, Total Responsibility and the Acid Brownie Incident, Lemurian Survivors, Atlantean Piracy, and a Ghost in the Machine
3   Entheogenic Shamanism
Up the Appian Way, Cowardly Temptations, Klaus Kinski’s Fury, Natural Hierarchies, and an After-Death Message
4   A New Earth
Mother Earth Evolving, Cellular Mitosis, the Twofold Life, a Pagan Coupling Ceremony, the Emergence of God-Kings, and Dolphin-Riders
5   A Processean Superrace?
A Fertility Ritual, the Authoritarian Personality, Group Souls, Sirian Nommo, Sexual Orgies, and a Psychometric Success
6   Higher Frequencies
Pleiadean and Sirius Conflicts, the DAL Universe, Jesus in England, Atlantis and Third-Density Planets, and Correct Action
7   Smugglers and UFO Visions
Global Threats and the Warminster Thing, the Longleat UFO, Geomagnetic Reversals, and Afterlife Realms
8   Catastrophobia and Extraterrestrials
The Nature of “Accidents,” Fear of Death, the Cley Hill Enigma, the Power of the Gun, and Poseidon’s Arrogance
9   A Visit from Above
Warminster UFOs, the Processean ETs, Lemurians and Lake Titicaca, Arrival in Toronto, Dimensional Portals, and a Pyrrhic Victory
10   The Rainbow Serpent
A Helianx Burial Ground, a Musical Miracle, Misunderstanding Caligastia, Racial Clashes, the DEATH Issue of PROCESS Magazine, and the World Mind
11   Music and Calm before the Storm
An Extraterrestrial Viewpoint, Midwayer Belligerence, Enter the Cro-Magnons, the Cave Complex, Rock ’n’ Roll, and a Hunting Party
12   Hope Deferred
Cutting the Album, Pain and Pleasure, a Brutal Dismissal, Mortals as “Will-Creatures,” the Angelic Mandate, and Sexual Rage
Afterword: The Implications of Angelic Rebellions
Lucifer’s Alchemy, Sufis, Profound Ambiguity, Absolutist Myopia, and Learning to Serve
Appendix: The Angelic Cosmology
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