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Kings and Ascetics in Indian Classical Literature

International Seminar - Milano 21-22 september 2007

Editore: Istituto Editoriale Cisalpino
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Informazioni: Edited by Paola M. Rossi and Cinzia Pieruccini - pp. 380, Milano
Stampato: 2009-01-01
Codice: 978886521005


Preface, Giuliano Boccali

Editors' Note



Kings and Ascetics in Indian Classical Literature. A Case-Study of King Dasaratha and the rsis in the Valmiki-Ramayana, Danielle Feller

Bharadvaja's Hermitage and the Paradise of the Warrior (Ramayana II 85), Cinzia Pieruccini

Where the Ascetics Lead their Life of Austerities, there Peace and Beauty are.
What Makes a PIace an asrama in the Mahabharata and in Kalidasa's Work, Tiziana Pontillo


The Description of the Hermitage. Raghuvamsa I 135-55, Anna Bonisoli Alquati

The Varied Picture of Kings in the natya Literature, Klara Gonc Moacanin

The Angry Ascetic and the Pacifying King: A Socio-Cuiturai Study in Kalidasa's Poetry, Chettiarthodi Rajendran

Some Observations on Sanskrit as Court Language, Bruno Lo Turco

Satire, Wit and Humour on Kings and Ascetics
in kavya Literature. «He who laughs last, laughs best, Daniela Rossella

Desire and Non-Desire.
The Forest of Asceticism in the Poetry of Asvaghosa, Paola Maria Rossi

Innuendo and lrony in Bana's Treatment of Kings and Ascetics, David Smith

The Kings of the Sisupalavadha, Anna Trynkowska


King-Priest Relations in the Tradition of the Natyasastra, Natalia R. Lidova

The King Is Hunting: Is it Good or Bad?, Gyula Wojtilla


The King and the Ascetic in Kesavadasa's Jahamglra Jasa Candrika, Stefania Cavaliere

Kings, Ascetics and Sidelong Giances, Cezary Galewicz

The samnyasin and the King. Plays of Society and Acts of Devotion, Alessandro Graheli

Why Would a King Become an Ascetic? A Few PoIiticai Answers from Hindi Mediaeval Literature, Giorgio Milanetti

Ravana King of Lanka in Tamii Saiva and Vaisnava Devotionai Poetry, Emanuela Panattoni

A PICTURE GALLERY, Cinzia Pieruccini


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Index of Literary Works

Index of Piaces

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